Grandma's Special #2 NEW LOWER PRICE

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Get a set of the CBDifferent Rub and Salve 1 oz each 

Our CBDifferent Rub is a 91% isopropyl alcohol infused with pure Hemp-Derived CBD oil.  It is alcohol based so it opens up your pores to penetrate for amazing relief.  Use both the rub and the salve for maximum effect.

Our CBDifferent salve is a Hemp-Derived CBD infused coconut oil based salve.  It's made with pure Hemp-Derived CBD oil, Coconut oil, and vitamin E oil.  Use this in conjunction with our Rub for maximum relief.


CBDifferent Salve contains the following high quality all natural ingredients: Coconut Oil,Hemp-Derived CBD Oil, Distilled Water, Cetyl Alcohol and Emulsifying wax, DoTerra Lavender Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Germall as a preservative.