Dream Team Angels Rescue gives our rescue dogs CBD products for anxiety, tumors, arthritis, everything. Salve and oral drops. We use Stephanie Inderwiesche Dobbertin’s products. They are the MOST effective products. We have used many CBD products made by different companies but hers are the best and most cost efficient.
Lady Agnes, 21 yrs old, has double luxated patellas, mammary tumors and so many other issues. She cannot go under anesthesia because of her age. I have been putting a stronger CBD salve developed by Stephanie on her. Stephanie developed the stronger product for our severe medical dogs. I put the CBD salve on Lady Agnes and I had extra product left on my hand so I sprayed my hip with Stephanie’s CBD spray and put the salve on my hip. I have a hip implant and a few times a year, I have some pain, so I limp. The pain instantly went away. Mind blowing. I knew our rescue dogs had great results from her products but I had NO idea how amazing they were until I tried it on my hip. Dogs can’t talk but if they did, they would have told me her products are pawsome.
Plus, Stephanie is a local small business, we love to support family businesses, and she is also a DTAR adopter. Stephanie doesn’t pay us to advertise, we use her products and tell others because they work so well. She is located in Redlands, so if you order her products, you can pick it up and save postage. She also makes human CBD products. If you have any questions, Stephanie is great at educating you on her products. Thank you Stephanie for making such great products for our dogs and the humans ❤️🐾❤️


I was presented DR25 by Lisa Hoyle. And it saved my working season. I suffer from Crohn's Disease since I was 11 years old. I have had many Life saving surgeries. I suffer many of the " side Affects" of having Crohn's such as Arthritis and Fistulas, and Mouth Sores. I was traveling for work and had a severe outbreak of Mouth Ulcers. They were so bad I could not swallow water. I remembered Lisa had given me a sample to try. I did. I sprayed the product in my mouth and ate some of the cream. I can honestly say that within 2 days the pain, and Mouth Sores were gone. Being from Italy, I don't have Medical Coverage here in the U.S. Getting sick for me is not an option. I am SO GRATEFUL I met Lisa, and she gave me a sample to try. If it were not for this product, I would have had to go back to Italy and loose the job I came to America for. THANK YOU ALL for your AMAZING product. Had sinusitis and the sinus pressure was so bad I was about to leave work because I just couldn't function with my head pounding and sore nasal passage. Had a thought to put a little DR25 spray on my temples cheeks and nose and then followed with the salve. To my amazement within minutes, I felt like a new person! I finished out the rest of my work day feeling so much better! I bring the stuff everywhere I go!

                                                               - Working in America


Hi Stephanie,

     The DubRub25 products worked very well for both our dogs. Our female developed a hard lump on her shoulder blade about the size of a halved lemon. It developed very fast & prescribed anti-inflammatories were not reducing or softening it over the 2 week course prescribed. We tried the DR25 spray & rub applying it twice a day, every twelve hours, for 8 weeks. After the first 24 hours of use the lump softened. Every day after that the lump began reducing & softening up more. After two weeks of treatment we added 500mg of Turmeric a day to her food regimen along with a 30mg Pure CBD pill once a day. We continued this for one month and then finished the last two weeks with just the spray/rub. This combination rapidly accelerated the shrinking & reduction of the lump down to nothing. She is doing very well & there have been no signs of the lump returning so far as it has been almost a month since the treatment finished. We do not know what it was & would have had it checked out by our Vet in depth had the spray/rub not immediately started working. We are very happy with the products & hope this information is helpful. Our male dog had a dry/bald patch he developed on his hip from allergies & itching. Using the spray alone once a day for just a week helped begin the road to recovery. He immediately stopped itching & within 3 days the hair started to grow back. The hair has now grown back completely in that area & you can not tell that there was ever a problem. Thanks again for introducing us to DubRub25. It definitely gave us an option other than standard pharmaceuticals.

                                                                 - Happy Pet Owner California


My friend Lisa gave me a sample of your product. I had a horrible leg cramp tonight. It would normally last up to an hour. 30 min if I'm lucky. I got up to go to the bathroom and felt the crank coming on. I remembered the sample Lisa gave me. Tried the spay which kind of worked but when I put the salve on the cramp went away!!! I also have a lower stomach cramp problem almost nightly. Like menstrual cramps times 10. I will try this as soon as I get the pain and see if it works. If it does, this is HUGE for me. This pain had put me in the ER several times.- Lori S.I'm 80 years young and I have all of the usual pain issues that have been described. The difference with me is that I was born with Cerebral Palsy that affected my entire right side especially limbs. It caused a drop foot and tremors which got worse with age.  It also caused my right foot to cramp up like a fist making me walk on tops of toes and my right hand balled up like a fist. My left hand started shaking too, making it impossible to even drink a glass of wine or get a fork to my mouth. A mess, right? Then I met Stephanie at her place of work in Palm Springs. She suggested 2 products one being DR23. Amazing. It helped immediately with the pain in all the spots that my Palsy created. Foot, knee, hip, back, shoulder, toes. She also recommended Cannabidiol Oil that stopped 90% of the tremors. She is pleasant and informed. Thanks Stephanie. It's been a life changing experience. No more cane. Walking and dancing.

                                                                                     - Chip G.


I have a lot of issues with pain. My lower back especially. My left and right knees as well. Using this product helps what the pain meds don't. Making life tolerable. My friend tried this product also. Bad back. It helps her as well. Thank you. I will be ordering more and sharing my stories with friends and family.

                                                                                      - Lou A.


I’ve had hemorrhoids for the past 7 years. I was hospitalized and pumped full of medications. This is what caused the pesky downstairs problem. I sprayed DR23 on the area. It felt hot for about 30 seconds and then hemorrhoids were gone!! I couldn’t believe it! Then I started my period the other day. I had bad cramps. I sprayed it onto my lower stomach and then rubbed it in. The cramps were gone! DR23 is amazing. It works! I can’t wait to see what else it can heal.

                                                                                     - Suzanne D.


Hi! My name is shellyYou or one of your representatives came into my salon  and gave all of us and our clients some samples of your product. I’ve been suffering from elbow pain due to doing hair and out of all the products I’ve tried, the suggestions I’ve taken and pills I’ve popped my pain never improved. I came to terms with the fact this pain in my elbow was my new normal. Until your rep placed a salve and sprayed my arm with both of your cbd products. Gave me a sample of each which I used everyday for a week at home and I can honestly tell you 100% that my pain not only improved but has almost completely gone away. THANK YOU so much. So just because if that I was wondering if I could place an order for the alcohol spray and the lotion/salve? Let me know the price and everything else please! Once again thank you so much for coming in and giving me that sample you saved me. Need more!!!!!


Hi I was in Palm Springs about 2 months ago. With my dad, mom and my godmother (who frequents the store often) my dad and I bought the miracle rub and spray from you!! My dad has cerebral palsy issues and a bad knee and I have a torn rotator cuff and bad back. Blah,blah, blah! 🤣. Anyway I live in Northern California and need more of your salve and spray. I still have some left but I can’t find ANYTHING that works like what you have. How do I get more? I’m desperate not to run out. Because of your rub I haven’t needed a pain pill in 2 months. Please let me know if I can pay and you could send it. It’s been a life saver.


My good friend Steph sent me her line of cbd salve and spray called Dr 25 and am using it daily since leaving the hospital.  At first just on my toes cause my leg was wrapped and now my entire lower leg.  I really don’t know where I would be without it.  Surgeon on Monday said I have extensive soft tissue damage with of course nerves being stretched the way they were nerve damage as well.  Neuropathy pain is  hard to describe but it feels like fire and ice waves but the salve and spray calms the waves and I get relief.Her products are third party tested and of the highest quality full spectrum cbd and flower.Anyhow I thought I’d share in case any of you are dealing with pain. Love you Stephanie Inderwiesche Dobbertin