Ancient Oil Pulling Blend - 300mg CBD

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Oil pulling is much more than an oral cleansing method. Originating in the ancient healing systems of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, where it is well known that “disease begins in the mouth,” this simple health practice triggers detoxification and healing throughout the entire body. The mouth and tongue are home to bacteria, fungus, and many toxins from the rest of the body. Oil pulling not only cleanses the mouth and tongue, preventing harmful bacteria and toxins from entering the bloodstream, it also triggers enzyme production in the digestive tract, which in turn activates cleansing processes throughout the entire body. Practiced daily, oil pulling leads to better dental and gum health, a stronger immune system, detoxification of major organs including the intestines, lungs, and liver, and healing from many conditions caused by internal toxins and chronic inflammation.

There are a vast number of ailments that can be healed and prevented by regular oil pulling practice, including:

• Acne

• Allergies

• Canker sores

• Arthritis

• Eczema

• Flu and Colds

• Sinus infections and Bronchitis

• Cavities and Gingivitis

• Headaches and Migraines

• Constipation

• And many more . . .